Load a game, inject hack. Press ‘~’ to open console. Once when is opened use INSERT to activate menu.
Menu is ‘point and click’ use your mouse to turn features ON(green) / OFF(red).
On certain features in menu will be opened submenus, use [-] and [+] to choose type or click on slider bar
to adjust value.




Bone Aimbot – Aims on the enemy automatically.
Smart Triggerbot – “Legit push and hold” aiming feature, only aims on press of Left Mouse Button in 5° angle.
Limit Aim Angle – Will aim on enemy only if he is in your aim angle.
Auto Fire – Auto fire when you aim on the visible enemy.
Server Fire – Run’n’gun feature, allows you to aim and shoot when you running.
Ping Correction – Fixes your aim if you have high ping.

NPC Aimbot – Aims on the NPC Bots automatically.
NPC Limit Aim Angle – Choose angle of aim.
NPC AutoFire – will auto fire for you.


Wallhack – 3 types:
– Normal – shows players through the wall,
– Wireframe – shows player structure,
– Both – Shows normal + wireframe which gives nice yellow outline.
Your Stats – Shows your stats – kills, deaths, score, fragrate, health, ping, selected weapon and date & time.
Fog hack – Disables for so you can see whole map – little FPS fall
Player Skinhack – 3 types:
– Glow hack – makes player brighter,
– Colored models – gives transparent color to players,
– Texture skins – draws textured skins, looks similar to chams.
Map Renders – change map’s render. You can choose between:
– Normal
– Wireframed
– Disco
– MultiColoured
– White
– Smooth White
– Full Gamma
Player Health Bar – shows player health bars.

ESP Stuff

Player Cross – shows marker where enemy is.
– You can choose between: Enemy Spotted, Target, Eye, +, X and O markers.
Player Name – shows name of player near him.
Player Distance – Shows distance in unreal meters or feets, how you prefer.
Player Health – Shows player health + bleed health is he bleeding.
Player ESP Box – shows bounding box around player. You can choose between:
– 2D Box
– 3D Box
Player Specials – shows icons for VIPs, Medics and (Player) Admins.
Player Skeleton – aka Stickman, draws player bones.
Objective ESP – shows icon + distance from objective.
Weapon ESP – shows player’s primary (and secondary) weapon.

NPC ESP – Draws simple esp on bots.


No breath – with this option you will no longer breath in/out while aiming down the sight.
No recoil – remove weapons shaking.
No flash effects – will remove flash effects once when flashed.
Crosshair – draws custom xhair in the middle of screen. You can choose between:
– dot – red, green, cyan
– + – same colors
– HUD Crows – same colors.
Reload – auto reload, you can choose between normal and instant.
Fixjam – auto fix jam, you can choose between normal and instant.
Suppressor – auto puts suppressor on your gun.
Player Tweaks – no reload/fixjam sound, no locked movement, no limited rotation fe. while doing obj or climbing ladder.
Sniper Scope – all your weapons have sniper scope, you can choose between:
– M82 Sniper Overlay
– MOS Sniper Overlay
– SVD Sniper Overlay
– Red Dot Overlay
– ACOG 4x Scope Overlay.

Specials (not in menu):

Weapon Cloning – Use Numpad+ to clone your weapons
Zoom hack – use Numpad8 to zoom in and Numpad2 to zoom out
Console messages – you can use:
> amsg – Admin message – msg in the middle of screen


*Use this link to download AMERICAS ARMY SERIES / ZOXBOT V4.3 on your Windows or Mac Computer, updated Sunday 9th December 2018:


*Use or download AMERICAS ARMY SERIES / ZOXBOT V4.3 using your Windows, Mac, iOS or Android device. You can unlock the download link and save it for later:
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