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Final Fantasy XI Hack Download

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Final Fantasy XI Hack Download. This is a really good Fishing bot I found on FFACE. The only problem is it doesn’t restart fishing once you run out of bait, so you need to stay at the computer to push the start button every time you run out of bait.
Thus if you’re using a lure, leave this thing on overnight and bam, full inventory of moat carps! =DFinal Fantasy XI Hack Download

Every time you fish up a new item/fish, it will be on the unwanted list, which means next time you get it your character will automatically cancel out and recast. Simply drag and drop the things you want to keep from unwanted to wanted.

Download Final Fantasy XI Hack Download files included

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At first it won’t exit out when your rod breaks, but it will remember what type of fish broke it, and won’t fish it up again until you exit the program and reopen it another day.
V2 ======

Ability to choose whether or not to reel in unknown fish

Fake fighting (lower detection)

And I believe because I copied the one I was using, you guys get a whole bunch of fish on your lists already! =D

Finally the program also had a problem with the ebisu rod, but that was fixed.

Have fun!

Now has several tabs, including rolling log, added vana-time clock, and more control.

Enjoy =D

Final Fantasy XI Hack Download

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